Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Radial 2 Understanding

I have for some time maintained that my scientific approach is designed as a - preliminary - Radial 1 account of reality. However, before we get carried away with this let's remind ourselves that Radial 1 is but the first of 9 radial levels!

Using mathematical terminology, the Radial 1 level is based on the two fundamental digits 1 and 0 (when appreciated in a holistic sense). So the purpose of this approach is to clarify how all stages of development are basically configured in terms of the interaction of linear form (1) and circular emptiness (0) respectively.
Though of course some level of duality is required even at this level it is confined to consideration of the three fundamental polarities internal/external), whole/part and form/emptiness that underlie all phenomenal processes (and which can be given a coherent holistic mathematical rationale).

So the Radial 1 approach lies closest to the purely contemplative vision of reality translated rationally into its most universal scientific features.

For some time I had considered that the Radial 2 account would then enlarge this holistic number mapping to the successful application of prime numbers to the basic phenomena of physical reality.
However I gradually came to realise that prime numbers are in fact interdependent with the natural so that the Radial 2 state is really concerned with establishing the basic relationship between both sets.

I also considered that this would be intimately connected with the equally important consideration of the the correct relationship as between primitive instincts and the natural experience of phenomena. This is of special relevance for a contemplative attempting to re-engage more fully with phenomenal reality!

Basically phenomenal attachment arises from an undue reductionism in the manner in which objects are experienced. Unfortunately conventional scientific understanding with its preoccupation on merely quantitative aspects, greatly fosters such reductionism.
However properly understood, associated with each primitive object phenomenon (as quantitatively understood), is a corresponding appropriate qualitative means of interpretation belonging to a unique dimension of understanding.

Now seeing as present scientific appreciation is so firmly rooted at the one-dimensional level, one might validly query our capacity to understand reality at higher dimensions (the range of which is potentially infinite). Fortunately, just as string theorists believe that the phenomena that normally arise in nature correspond to low-energy states of strings, likewise appropriate qualitative understanding is likely to be largely confined to the limited range of qualitative dimensions normally traversed through deepening of contemplative awareness!

The natural objects experienced then arise from highly composite interactions of these prime ingredients. So the key to avoiding attachment at the level of natural experience is correct understanding at the primitive level (which requires conscious and unconscious to operate in very close unison).

So for one approaching the Radial 2 level from a predominantly contemplative type experience of reality, considerable attention must be devoted to this process of constructing natural experience from "virus free" primitive understanding thereby avoiding rigid attachments setting in at the natural level.

It is tempting therefore to associate the most basic particles directly with prime numbers from which natural experience then emerges in a highly composite manner.

Not surprising therefore my latest insights on strings have emerged directly from a long period of immersion with the Riemann Hypothesis.

If one accepts that string reality relates to the most primitive levels of matter, then the same principles as underline the behaviour of primes should likewise underline string behaviour.

Finally looking forward, the Radial 3 level would be more directly related to substantial contemplative involvement with the natural world. Here because of greater mastery of primitive instinctive behaviour, the proficient would now feel freer to engage intensely with natural phenomena (without the danger of attachment) .

So from a properly integral perspective, there should be no real distinction as between a desire to understand the physical behaviour of "strings" and the corresponding desire to properly uproot primitive attachment in the spiritual life.

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