Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is Reality Just Number? (2)

In the last contribution I suggested that - what we know as - reality at its most fundamental level represents a simple binary digital number system operating interactively in both an analytical (linear) and holistic (circular) manner.

The importance of this digital system in analytical terms is well recognised in IT technology where it has the capacity to successfully encode all information.

The corresponding importance of this same system in holistic terms - though not as yet recognised - is that it has the capacity to successfully decode all transformation systems i.e. as the dynamic interaction of both linear and circular logic.

However the most startling revelation comes from the incorporation of both systems whereby reality itself in all its diverse and complex intricacies (both physical and psychological) thereby represents both the encoding and decoding of the combined two systems.

So one way of looking at the nature of reality is as a dynamic computer programme that operates in a creative intelligent fashion.

However the implication of what is being expressed here is that at its most fundamental level reality has no discernible phenomenal basis.

This clearly has important implications for physics for the quest to unravel the secrets of nature (with reference to its phenomenal material characteristics) must ultimately be in vain.

As the great mystics of all ages clearly recognise, reality is utterly ineffable (in phenomenal terms). In other words it is of a pure spiritual nature (which is equally the ultimate nature of physical matter).

However at the next level which essentially acts as the bridge as between this underlying infinite (non-phenomenal) and the finite phenomenal realms, mathematical reality is born.

So ultimately mathematical meaning - when truly appreciated - is rooted in this great need to provide a connecting bridge - as it were - as between the finite and infinite realms.

Of course the value of mathematical symbols in understanding the finite side of this bridge has long been recognised.

Indeed in the quest to understand the ultimate nature of physical reality, string theory has now become so mathematical in nature that it has become increasingly difficult to give its findings a coherent physical explanation.

However the equal value of the same mathematical symbols - when understood in a qualitative holistic sense - for approaching close to infinite spiritual meaning has been all but lost in our culture.

So what we have with present science is a merely quantitative type approach (largely devoid of qualitative meaning).
One of the implications of this approach is that it has led to fundamentally distorted notions of space and time.

Properly understood the initial starting base for physical objects comes from the quantitative aspect of mathematical understanding.

However the correct starting base for the dimensions of space and time that they inhabit, should come from the qualitative (holistic) aspect of mathematical appreciation.

So our current notions of "default" common dimensions that are shared by all physical phenomena is the result of unbalanced thinking (i.e. where qualitative aspects are reduced to mere quantitative interpretation).

However correctly understood the great qualitative diversity of phenomena derives from the fact that they are defined with respect to relatively unique configurations of space and time (which yet also have shared common characteristics).

Without (qualitative) dimensions, phenomenal objects have no meaning. Likewise without (quantitative) phenomena, dimensions likewise have no meaning. So reality at all levels - physical and psychological - necessarily represents the interpenetration of merely potential quantitative and qualitative aspects (as considered separately) in the dynamic display of what represents actual phenomena.

One startling conclusion of all this is that in approaching ever closer to the quantitative origin of nature, we equally possess the power to give it differing qualitative configurations in space and time.

In other words as ultimately phenomena have no rigid tangible basis, we have potentially the power to literally create them as we wish.

At some future more advanced stage of evolution, far greater levels of spiritual realisation will provide the conditions for radical transformation of the qualitative dimensional nature of matter (thereby changing its phenomenal characteristics).

Our true identity is indeed God. So as we approach closer in realisation of this identity, the free creation of phenomena will thereby become possible.

And these new powers will have a corresponding scientific explanation in an enhanced paradigm that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative understanding (which at its deepest level is purely mathematical in nature).

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