Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Interesting Connection

I will comment here on one more interesting connection that I can make as between the analytical findings of string theory and my parallel findings in holistic terms.

As the energy of a string increases, its vibration intensifies. However this process does not continue indefinitely. Beyond a certain point additional energy with respect to the string may lead - rather than a further increase in vibration - to the lenghtening of the string. And theoretically its length can then continue without limit!

Now there is a fascinating possible holistic counterpart which had puzzled me for many years.

Once again, this can initially be expressed with respect to psychological development. However - as always - because physical and psychological reality are complementary, it has - I believe - an intimate bearing on the holistic interpretation of strings.

As we have seen normal development in our Western culture largely plateaus with specialisation of 1-dimensional (linear) understanding. However where authentic contemplative development occurs, understanding can potentially reach several higher dimensions.

What happens therefore is than an intensification in spiritual energy takes place with respect to the psychological string (of 1-dimensional understanding) which leads to the generation of new interpretative models of reality (of an increasingly circular nature).

Now if this process continues in a pure contemplative direction, then we thereby have an intensification in spiritual energy greatly increasing vibration (in the dynamic interaction of dynamic polarities).

However there is a limit to such pure contemplative development - which - ultimately becomes unbalanced and unhealthy if one does not learn to return to dealing appropriately with the world of form.

So for development to continue in a sustainable fashion, at a certain point the desire for emptiness must give way to a realisation of the need to equally embrace the world of phenomenal form. And when this occurs there is a considerable restoration of linear type understanding.

Thus with mature radial development a spiritual contemplative does not remain detached from the world of form, but engages with it in an ever more committed manner (demanding specialised linear understanding).

Recently when dealing with the Riemann Hypothesis, I made the holistic connection as between the values of the zeta function (for negative whole integer values of s) and corresponding states of psychological development.

Interestingly the behaviour of the function in this respect supports my position here. In fact the value of the function for negative odd values of steadily diminishes up to s = - 5) and then gradually starts to increase, gradually at first, then more rapidly in a process that continues without limit.

The holistic connection I made here is that this provides evidence for the initial shrinkage with respect to linear understanding (at higher dimensions of understanding) before then changing in the opposite direction.

So I would see the holistic physical counterpart to this psychological finding relating to the behaviour of strings.

Remember strings naturally relate to the prime behaviour of matter. And as the Riemann Hypothesis is intimately connected with prime number behaviour, it therefore seems justifiable that the holistic interpretation of the Riemann Hypothesis would have deep relevance for the dynamic interpretation of strings.

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