Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Other Interesting Connections

It might be helpful to further extend the complementary connections as between the two notions of strings i.e. analytic and holistic, respectively.

From the analytic perspective it is readily admitted that, as the string can vibrate in an infinite number of ways (with each unique vibration corresponding to a distinct matter particle) that potentially therefore we can generate an infinite no. of particles.

Now so far, only a relatively small finite number of distinct particles have been found. The actual explanation for this fact is due to the fact that actual particles discovered correspond to extremely low eneregy levels of vibration of the string. These likewise entails less energy (corresponding to relatively low masses).

New particles entailing greater vibration of the string would require extremely high amounts of energy (well beyond present technological capacity).

The reassuring fact therefore is that in terms of "normal" energy states we need only concern ourselves with a relatively small group of particles (corresponding to low vibrations of the string).

There is a fascinating counterpart in terms of the holistic notion of the string (corresponding to qualitative interpretation of reality).

Potentially as there are an infinite no. of possible (whole) dimensions, therefore we can likewise provide an infinite no. of possible interpretations for any physical event (with each interpretation relating to a unique dimensional number).

So the situation here might therefore seem hopeless for science (due an infinite range of possible interpretations).

However, given the present level of human evolution, we are capable of exploring only a very limited range of these dimensional interpretations.

As we have seen Conventional Science is still firmly rooted in the lowest psychological energy state (associated with 1-dimensional interpretation).

Though higher energy states are associated with authentic contemplative development, it would be quite rare - in terms of corresponding cognitive development - for it to grow significantly beyond the lower dimensions.

And I have persistently argued that these lower dimensions - certainly up to 8 - are of special significance in terms of integral appreciation.

It is possible however to describe in general terms what happens to interpretation at much higher (spiritual) energy states. Here phenomenal understanding becomes so transparent that it no longer even appears to arise in experience (with a person continually absorbed in a deep contemplative state of union).

And just as mass becomes significantly greater in physical terms (at extremely high energy levels) in reverse complementary fashion, the psychological experience of mass becomes significantly lower (as phenomena acquire a purely transparent existence).

So just as the Planck length sets a certain limit to the possibilities of phenomenal investigation (in physical terms), we have in a sense a corresponding Planck length (in psychological terms) which sets a certain limit to the possibilities of rational type interpretation. What this means in effect is that the dynamic interaction of polarities becomes so fluid that it is no longer possible to explicitly preserve any rigid linear element!
So even though the range of possible dimensional interpretations of reality is potentially infinite, explicitly in rational terms, meaningful interpretation could only take place within a - relatively small - finite number of these dimensions.

Thus in both physical and psychological terms, though phenomenal interactions still take place, they remain at a merely implicit level.
So from the physical perspective we can no longer experimentally investigate such interactions; equally from the psychological perspective we can no longer formally give them rational interpretation (even in an extremely refined intuitive manner).

However the actual unification of both aspects of strings (analytic and holistic) paradoxically can only take place through penetrating those very regions (below the Planck length).

In other words, ultimate unification with respect to strings comes neither at the level of detached (physical) verification nor (psychological) rational understanding. Rather it takes place in pure ineffable mystery (as the ever present source and goal of all life, both physical and psychological).

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